Food Trucks Cocktailing?

Food Trucks Cocktailing?

Food trucks have rapidly proliferated, bringing a plethora of new ethic and gourmet options to foodies. The explosion in food truck growth has rocked the local restaurant scene.

Local food fans welcome the new food options, but lament the competitive advantage food trucks have over local restaurants because of the lack of rent and traditional build out costs.

A new controversy is looming. Food critics are talking about the next trend with food trucks - cocktails. Read more here.

We do not see cocktails being a viable option for food trucks in Tennessee. The Tennessee ABC has a catering permit that allows service of wine and spirits at mobile locations. However, the license also requires a permanent catering hall. Based on our experience, this is a kitchen in a fixed location, an expense food trucks avoid.

More importantly, the ABC has traditionally required that any place where catered alcohol is served must have a defined premises. For example, restaurants have fenced in patios and nonprofit fundraisers have fencing around outside areas.

In contrast, food trucks usually serve in open areas like parking lots.

Another huge issue is the lack of catering permits for beer in most cities.

We do not see cocktailing as the next big thing for food trucks in Tennessee.

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