Three Strikes You're Out for Sales to Minors in Tennessee

Three Strikes You're Out for Sales to Minors in Tennessee

The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission has been stepping up enforcement against restaurants, bars and other liquor license holders. For sales to minors, the new penalties are game changing.

In the past, the TABC fined licensees that were trying to effectively card.  It was the local beer board that worried license holders about sales to minors.

Tennessee has gotten tough on sales to minors.  A state law passed last year requires both the ABC and local beer boards to notify each other of sales to minors.  One sale now usually results in two penalties.

For no real reason, Aerosmith's classic 1975 hit "Walk This Way" pops into our head:

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The Tennessee ABC has upped the ante for sales to minors.  We have seen 10 to 14 day suspensions for second sales to minors within a couple of years.  Although the rules are not clear, the TABC indicates that it will seek revocation for a third sale to a minor in three years

We advise folks to beef up carding policies to avoid the wrath of the Tennessee ABC.

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