Tennessee Poised to Dump Food Service Requirement for Bars?

Tennessee Poised to Dump Food Service Requirement for Bars?

Strange things often happen in the wee hours of the night, often things you are not proud of in the light of day.  Same can be said of the final days of the Tennessee Legislature.

Advancing in the House and Senate is a bill to remove the food sales requirement for bars.  A nonstop nuisance to bar owners and ABC agents, the food service requirement has been debated and revised over the past few years.

There are a lot of good reasons to have food at bars.  There are also a lot of good reasons to recognize that folks don't swing by Memphis blues bars and Nashville honky tonks for dinner.

If passed, bar owners will not have to serve any food to hold a liquor license.  No strings attached.  Tom Humphreys has the scoop.

Legislative insiders probably recall Senator Doug Henry standing up in opposition to similar legislation a few years back, saying that folks need food to "sop up all that alcohol."

If the law passes, it remains to be seen whether folks will be proud of taking food out of the mix at bars.  Once it is done, we think there will be no turning back.

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