Fake Tennessee IDs Targeted by Tennessee ABC

Fake Tennessee IDs Targeted by Tennessee ABC

An investigation by Nashville Channel 4 WSMV reporter Jeremy Finley about the proliferation of fake IDs used to purchase alcohol has grabbed the attention of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  WSMV informants were able to obtain identification cards without any background check or other verification of identity and purchase alcohol using the fake IDs.

According to WSMV, the ID is complete with date of birth, address and photo, along with a hologram across the card. All of the information provided by the WSMV informant was false.  According to WSMV, the 22-year-old was able to purchase alcohol in two different locations.

WSMV asked the ABC if they consider the ID a fake ID.

"This is a fake ID. Because anybody could make that," Tennessee ABC Assistant Director Ginna Winfree said.

Now, the businesses that sold the 22-year-old the alcohol could be in trouble with the state.

"Based on this, they're (the businesses) definitely committing a crime," Winfree said.

Sabrina Jacal, the owner of Servicio Internacional, the company selling the IDs, said she doesn't have to have state approval to make the IDs.  "I'm not authorized to do anything. It's not an authorization that needs to be given," Jacal said.  Jacal said she's not selling fake IDs, but instead IDs that also serve as membership cards for translation services.

Read more: http://www.wsmv.com/story/27482848/state-agency-launches-investigation-into-businesses-accepting-ids#ixzz3L5NfXJFD

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