Powdered Alcohol Ban Headed for Approval in Tennessee

Powdered Alcohol Ban Headed for Approval in Tennessee

Powdered alcohol has quickly become a public nuisance, at least in the eyes of some legislators.  In Tennessee, legislation is swiftly bound to become law and criminalize the sale of powdered alcohol, except for medicines.

Critics claim the substance is ripe for abuse, particularly by minors.  Naysayers say that powdered alcohol can be snorted for a quick buzz or covertly sprinkled onto someone's food.

The man behind the product disagrees.  "It would take you an hour of pain to [snort] the equivalent of one drink," Mark Phillips said in an interview with the New York Times. "It really burns."  We understand the product is lightweight, but bulky; not something that could be easily slipped into a coke or snorted.

We believe that the alcoholic beverage market is filled with products that target younger drinkers looking for a quick cheap buzz.  Alcoholic whipped creams, colorful pre-mixed shots at liquor store check outs and potent sugary pre-mixed cocktails seem to pose much more danger than powdered alcohol, at least from the vantage point of our easy chair.

According to the Times, Palcohol was "inspired by a love of hiking but a distaste for carrying bottles of adult beverages uphill."

Based on the chilly reception of powdered alcohol in several states, we suggest that Mr. Phillips plans to end hikes at a bar or restaurant with a liquor license.

Heed Alan Jackson's advice:

'Cause life's like a river
And the water is deep
Cross it with care
Or you'll end up like me
Let my mistakes
Be your steppin' stones
And walk on the rocks that I stumbled on

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